posted on July 31, 2015

This time we have been working on a deep refactoring of the machinery related to the positioning and rotation of particles. As a result Particle, CoreShellParticle and ParticleComposition can be rotated and translated inside layers in a similar way. We wrote a few tutorials explaining the latest changes.

Summary of changes in the code:

  1. New functional test machinery to test all three domains simultaneously (C++, Pyton and GUI), covering more test cases in a more consistent way.
  2. Windows installer: for GUI use, python installation is no longer required
  3. GUI: added position/rotation to ParticleComposition and ParticleCoreShell and enabled adding ParticleComposition to another ParticleComposition
  4. GUI: possibility to open project files from older releases
  5. Various bugfixes

New tutorials:

  1. Particles positioning tutorial
  2. Particles rotation tutorial
  3. Particle composition tutorial
  4. Working with sample parameters tutorial (obsolete link)
  5. Introduction to fitting
  6. Basic fitting tutorial

API changes:

  1. Removed depth from ParticleLayout::addParticle. New interface provides for abundance, position and possible rotation

More details on our issue tracker.

As always, we very much welcome your comments and feedback!