How to cite BornAgain

The canonical reference for BornAgain is the journal article: > Gennady Pospelov, Walter Van Herck, Jan Burle, Juan M. Carmona Loaiza, Céline Durniak, Jonathan M. Fisher, Marina Ganeva, Dmitry Yurov and Joachim Wuttke:
> BornAgain: software for simulating and fitting grazing-incidence small- angle scattering
> J. Appl. Cryst. 53, 262–276 (2020)

Use of the software should additionally be documented by citing a specific version thereof:
> BornAgain — Software for simulating and fitting X-ray and neutron small-angle scattering at grazing incidence,
> version ⟨version⟩ (⟨release date⟩),